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Tunebula is the newest kid on the follow to download block.
Our software platform gives artists and indie music professionals the technical tools to cultivate a fan base through social media. Connect multiple social media accounts to Tunebula within minutes to track and expand your music's popularity in real-time.

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Why Tunebula is Awesome

Easy and Quick to set up

Easy and Quick to set up

Setting up Tunebula is a breeze. Just create a profile, connect your social media accounts, and you're good to go! When you want to add a song to social media, simply upload it via Tunebula. Easy-peasy.

Compatible with any device

Compatible with any device

We don't discriminate here at Tunebula! We work with any web browser, and Mac or PC device to help you reach music lovers all over the internet. We're here to create solutions. Get started today!

Powerful Real-Time analytics

Powerful Real-Time analytics

Tunebula provides real-time analytics about the popularity of your music. Check stats about your songs and see which fans followed to download. See our global map of where all of your fans and traffic are coming from and more.

Make great music? Build a better following.

Follow on Soundcloud

Building a fan base on Soundcloud is an essential marketing channel for artists. Upload your songs and in exchange we track likes & reposts related to your music in real-time. Learn more about your followers by tracking Soundcloud profiles, even if they're not registered with Tunebula.

Subscribe to YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the most popular channels for video content on the web today. Tunebula features a click to follow service for your YouTube account that pushes Soundcloud fans to your channel. This increases your subscription numbers and audience size. It also makes other brands in the music industry take notice.

Grow your Facebook fan page

​A Facebook following is crucial for any successful artist today. With a multitude of bands competing for Likes, it’s easy to get overlooked by music lovers. Tunebula helps convert your Soundcloud fans into engaged Facebook followers, supporting your efforts to create loyal a loyal audience and stand out from the crowd.

Follow on Twitter

Nothing demonstrates an abundant fan base more than a solid Twitter following. Tunebula equips its users with the ability to draw Soundcloud fans from Twitter when downloading a song. Build a strong Soundcloud fan base while simultaneously reinforcing it on Twitter. Now that's something to Tweet about.

Follow on Instagram

Instagram has made capturing live and artistic photographic images a cinch for today’s artists. Engaging with your fans on Instagram using visual content is as easy as one click. Upload cover artwork or a snippet of a track. Click to download a song and click to follow on Instagram. It's that simple.

Follow on Spotify

​Spotify is a streaming powerhouse totaling 30 million paid subscribers in 2016. Tastemakers, promoters, labels, and artists consider Spotify artist accounts when making crucial business decisions. Tunebula helps push your audience to your Spotify pages, creating a cross platform network that doubles your monetization potential and a stronger overall presence for your brand.